This site is dedicated to the Flag bearers of Indian Magic - street magicians
of India, arguably the most pure performers of the art.  They use everyday
objects as their props, perform surrounded by crowds eliminating the
presence of trapdoors / secret compartments. These wizards are the
closest any mortal could get to ‘real magic’, a real treat to the eye to watch.
Each performance is nothing short of a lecture on ‘The Principles of magic
and showmanship’. perfect misdirection, pointing, storytelling skills and
audience attention control. It is however unfortunate  that these inheritors of the art of magic remain unknown heroes and are deprived of the basics of life. A visit to the homes of the street magicians in Delhi made my heart sink with sadness. The location of their home was in a slum in the outskirts of Delhi . I had to bend to half my height to enter their hutments. Inside was a small cramped up room with no ventilation. A bundle of rags in one corner represented what looked like a bed to me. A dim electric bulb that could barely light up the room added to the overall gloom.  I wonder how these artiss keep the art alive, even though seemingly deprived of the basic dignity and respect in life, only depending on the petty amounts  that the onlookers give them. I know for certain that the value of their art is a million times more than what is thrown to them on the streets.

Though a lover of magic, I fail to understand many of their mysteries ( neither would I want to- to keep the mystery alive in me!) The street magicians have a charm of his own which can only be fathomed when you witness them. The next time when you want to make an occasion memorable just try out a street magic session and you will be amazed at the details your guests will remember about the evening , and will keep mentioning it for years to come – especially the boy who was changed to a snake and disappeared!!!

- Peter Theobald & Clifford Parakh             Click Here to read article about their Mumbai Visit Dec 2008

Traditional Indian
Credits in Alphabetical order

Aastha Atray  for the lovely full page article in Mid-day

Cdr Clifford Parakh, for the About us writeup

Kunal Batra of Delhi for generously giving us his premises to shoot the performance video you see on the site

Manada & Mandar Patil for the visiting Card

Nakul Shenoy for permission to use excerpts from his blog on the home page

Uday Parkar for the beautiful Street Magic Logo used on this site

Ravi Wadhwa for the 4 colour  photo visiting card that you can see alongside..

Werner Fernandes and Parvathy from his team for organising the Entire Media Campaign during their Mumbai visit - including Indian Express, Loksatta, Doordarshan, ETV, Mid-day, and more... that too at 2 days notice- now that's real magic!

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