by Clifford Parakh

Aas Mohammad and Babban Khan were in Goa for the Viva Carnival  2009 . They performed 10 street shows in all for the local populace spread over a period of 5 days. All the shows were sponsored byThe Honorable Deputy Speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly and MLA of Cortalim Constituency Mr Mauvin Godinho . Magician Appolo Teles of Vasco -da –Gama  was the event manager at Goa.  Dettails of the shows were as under

Bogmalo 6 PM on 18 Feb,
Cortalim 6 PM  on 21 Feb,
Consua 10 AM on 22 Feb ,
Cansaulim 6 PM on 22 Feb,
Curpavaddo 8 PM on 22 Feb ,
Tana 4 PM on 23 Feb,
Sancole  6 PM on 23 Feb,
Velsao 4 PM on 24 Feb,
Quelossim 8 PM on 24 Feb ,
Chicalim 6 PM on 24 Feb

Watching the street magicians perform at various locations was a very enriching experience.  The people were different but the reaction the same – of amazement’. During the five day stay at Goa Aas Mohammad and Babban Khan performed for a variety of audience- from an uneducated laborer to a lawyer, a doctor, a defense officer, a politician, people from India and people from abroad . Its unbeliever how these magicians have the versatility to alter their act to suite the audience they are holding , in spite of being uneducated  .Magic is undoubtedly in their blood.The fact that the entertainment value of a magic act can increase many folds by one liners and a good sense of humor was brought home once again to me as I watched the duos performance.

As Darwin Ortiz conveys in his book Strong Magic – ‘What seems to be impromptu and spontaneous to the audience is actually all planned and must be executed at the right moment to get the desired audience reaction’. Aas Mohammad and Babban Khan were experts in audience attention control. In every show they controlled the audience to speak exactly what they had planned , in order to execute their one liners. And they were successful 10 times out 10.

This was certainly a landmark event in the history of  magic in Goa. The Mango tree trick was performed for the first time in the land of sun and sand. The magicians received press coverage in all the leading newspapers . A big thanks to Magician Appolo Teles of  Vasco-da –Gama who catered for the boarding lodging and management of the magicians .

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